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about me


Since long I have participated in a lot of activities.

I have always brought the camera.

For many years I used tri-X and developed the copies myself but

since long I have also used digital cameras and cellphones.


I document the world around me as a documentary photographer.



1) Always bring a camera that can be quickly used.

2) Dont stand aside, take part in the activities



Make the action, the feeling, be seen and felt in the photos!



At the Rainbow 2015
In Kurdistan 1991
The photo
Selfie 1978
Drying Tri-X
Rafaa, Gaza Strip 2002
I love challenges!
At work 2015
Developing Tri-X 2016
At the club 2016
Forest 2015

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wanna be a pic?


I am always looking for situations or people to photograph.

My camera is always with me.

I am used to keep my eyes open and be prepared if something happens.


Do you have any free ideas or serious business proposals, just email me at:

My base is Småland, Sweden


Surprise me...





Ansvarig utgivare och tillhandahållare: Magnus Christiansson,

Databasens namn:



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